Three Phase and Motor Control Systems 250W

In this section, basic knowledge of 3-phase systems is studied. These include single phase and three phase systems, phase difference, motors, three phase transformers and control of motors. The practical exercises are completed in two stages, first using extra low voltage (14V) and finally with supply voltage 380-415V, 3 phase, 50-60Hz.

This laboratory package for 3-phase consists of a 3-phase simulator board which produces a 3-phase sine wave voltage of 14V. There is also a measuring point, power output (touch protected) and 4 fault finding switches. The board is used together with the Base Unit 2000.

The 3-phase simulator board has a multiplexer function which enables the student to study three different waveforms on one channel on the oscilloscope.
To study the different types of load, a special load unit for the 3-phase simulator board is used. The student can connect in Y, D, series and parallel, with different loads. A phase sequence meter is also included.

Using the 3-phase terminal, 400V AC can be connected. Different loads can be applied from the load unit which has R, L and C loads.

7 multimeters are required, (preferably with both analogue and digital scales). 1 wattmeter and an oscilloscope with digital memory are also required in order to complete the course.

This course is a continuation from the course in DC and single phase AC circuits. It provides a sound base for the study of electrical engineering and basic knowledge of 3-phase AC. The ability to calculate and solve problems with different types of load with phase difference, is developed.

The knowledge and skill required to complete fault finding and the ability to correct faults in equipment used in a 3-phase system can also be achieved.

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