High Voltage Equipment

TERCO High Voltage Laboratory is based on a system of components made with the highest precision and can be used to build systems both for teaching and research as well as for industrial routine and type tests. The assembly of a required Test Set Up is easily done and requires no special tools. The system gives values with high accuracy and can even be used for calibration purpose.

We can supply the following standard labs:

  • HV AC Lab, 100 – 300 kV
  • HV DC Lab, 140 – 400 kV
  • HV Impulse Lab, 140 – 420 kV
  • Various testing Equipment

HV9000 Högspänningsutrustning (eng) - Lågupplöst

1.35 MB
HV9000 HV Modular Training Set_20190211_lr.pdfLadda hem 

HV9000 Högspänningsutrustning (eng) - Högupplöst

1.35 MB
HV9000 HV Modular Training Set_20190211_hr.pdfLadda hem 

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