MV1046 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Motor with Fault Simulator


MV1046 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Motor with Fault Simulator

The equipment MV 1046 comprises :

1????????????? 3-phase squirrel cage motor

1????????????? Fault simulator

1????????????? Plug-in device

1????????????? Insulated cable 4 x 1.5 RDV

1????????????? Technical description with instructions for fault switching positions.


The motor is a standard, 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor (MT 80 A) of which the windings are fitted with ?outputs to allow fault simulation. These outputs are connected to a terminal with a multi-pole socket.

Fault Simulator

The fault simulator, which comprises a wooden box with a lid and a built-in panel with 11 switches to simulate different faults, has a cable trunk fitted with a multi-pole plug. This plug is intended for connection to the multi-pole socket on the motor?s terminal. This connection connects the switches of the fault simulator to the windings of the motor.

Plug-in Device

The fault simulator can be disconnected and replaced by a plug-in terminal device. The motor will then operate normally.

Insulated Cable

The insulated cable is used for the simulation of failures in the input voltage. The equipment is particularly well suited for fault finding exercises with squirrel-cage induction motors. The following types of faults can be simulated: phase failure of supply voltage, open-circuit winding, short-circuit winding and earth fault.

General Data MV 1046


Supply voltage

380-415 V 3-phase (Y)


50/60 Hz


0.55 kW

Dimensions Fault Simulator

290 x 270 x 55 mm

Dimensions Motor

270 x 150 x 205 mm

Weight (Total)

13 kg

Electrical Machines Laboratory